If your craft (or combined crafts connected together) are over 10' long, you need to obtain an 'Invasive Species Permit' for $5.00 from the Marine Board.
Sorry... no exceptions.

(Plus the $5.00 Invasive Species Permit... if required)

On this page we hope to provide the details you will want and need to know.

There are two printable forms, the Accident Waiver and Release, and the General Event Guide & Rule Agreement. Just click on these links to download. If you want one for your records, please print two... cuz we're taking one.

We want to make this as simple as we can, so here is the proposed schedule of release from Riverview Park in Independence, Oregon.

Time Table:
8am - 8:30am Registration for 'Walk Ons', & check in for 'Registered' rafts
8:30am - 9am Release Category 'A' Rafts
9am - 9:30am Release Category 'B' Rafts
9:30am - 10am Release Category 'C' Rafts

Category 'A' Rafts are...
Homemade Crafts

Category 'B' Rafts are...
Rubber Rafts, Pontoons and Inner Tube vessels

Category 'C' Rafts are...
Canoes and Kayaks are fastest.

*There are no categories that include a motor.  That's a 'no-no'.
**We recommend you arrive early, as we are not sure how many 'Walk Ons' we will have.  You might need to wade through all the entries (probably not), or we might want to release rafts early if attendance is light. It will not effect your time either way, as we log rafts out and log rafts in. Their individual raft's elapsed time determines your race time.

If you have any questions, please call our race coordinator...

Gale Francis
503.580.0425 mobile

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