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Mike Carroll and Pamela Brown, with Megan and Claire-2011

photo courtesy - Mike Carroll (raft racers, way back when)

Do you remember the 

'Great Willamette River Raft Race'?

   Well some of us old foofs do.  And we miss it.  So why not revive it and make a summer time event the whole family can enjoy?  When is the last time you got out on the river and just laid on a raft?  Or watched the fish jump up catching their lunch?  

Its all there waiting for you.

So lets do it!  And lets do it soon.

Saturday, August 10, 2013
We will meet at Riverview Park in Independence.
Boats in at times to be announced.
Entry fee of only $10 per person.
'Day Of' Registrations Welcome!!!
Just Show Up!
   We will register your 'time leaving the park' and we will keep track of that time as you mosey on down to Wallace Marine Park in Salem.
   A shuttle van will be available to transport folks if its needed.

*Important things to remember:
   • All state and local laws apply.  You need to know your responsibilities on the water.  Life jackets, a whistle or horn, etc., are your responsibility.

   If you have any questions, please email one of us...
Harold Wood:  hwtch1@integraonline.com
John Strauch:  john@nwctv.com
Ken Lewetag:  Ken@KWVTSalem.com


First year winners!!! Gail (him) and Mary (her) with Harold (right)

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